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These are my top 5 most wanted for both my Posada and Yankee auto collections. I've been looking for some of these for a while. I search ebay more days than not for these and haven't seen some for quite awhile.

Jorge Posada
2004 Absolute Memorabilia Absolutely Ink Combo Material PRIME Jorge Posada Auto/Bat/Patch /5
2004 Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Signature Red Spectrum Jorge Posada Auto /5
2004 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Gold Jorge Posada Auto /25
2007 Topps Finest Mariano Rivera/Jorge Posada Dual Auto Refractor /25
2008 Topps Triple Threads XXIV Relics Jorge Posada (Spells out
Any MLB Logo or Bat Barrel card

Yankee Autos
2004 Topps Originals Ron Kittle Auto (in yankee uni)
2004 Topps Originals Bob Watson Auto (in yankee uni)
2004 SP Game Patch Kevin Brown Auto/Patch (w/Yankee logo on the card)
2011 Topps Opening Day Dustin Moseley Auto
2010 Topps Heritage Johnny James Auto
Bird, Irving, Johnson RC - Basketball
2000 SPX Oswalt - baseball
Any auto insert of Emmit Smith. - football
(04-29-2012 09:25 PM)sesfan01 Wrote: [ -> ]1991 topps desert shield Chipper Jones RC graded 9 or 10.
1996 circa rave chipper jones
1997 select certified mirror gold

too many others to list Smile

.....what he said! I'd also like to get my hands on a 2004 Donruss Elite Passing the Torch Chipper Auto /5 in order to finish my set.
I'd love a 93 SP Jeter, a 52 Topps Mantle (any condition would do), a Derek Jeter auto, to finish my Drabek RC list, an Ichiro auto, a Brett Lawrie auto from 2011 Bowman Chrome, a Wayne Gretzky RC, and last but not least a Mickey Mantle cut auto. At least some of these are attainable some day.
Baseball- To Complete my Freddie Freeman rookie cards (need 10 cards from 2011, all autos) Autos of the big 3 (Maddux, Smoltz, Glavine) a Hank Aaron Auto.

Basketball- To complete my 2010-11 UD North Carolina auto set (specifically the Ty Lawson), A Dirk Nowitzki auto.

Football- 2009 Hakeem Nicks Prestige college patches Auto, 2009 Topps Magic Auto (In UNC uniform)
1952 Topps Jackie Robinson
1955 Topps Sandy Koufax RC
1989 Salem Dodgers Mike Piazza PSA 10
1954 Topps Hank Aaron
My "most wanted" is an easy card to get, but can't afford it right now. A 2010 Bowman Chrome auto of Stephen Strasburg. Anyone have one for trade??? *lol*
Thought I should update my "my most wanted cards" as I recently picked this up:

[Image: MartinezPedro_1996SelectCertifiedMirrorGold_merged.jpg]

(04-29-2012 04:45 PM)gradedeflator Wrote: [ -> ]Pedro Martinez:
1996 Select Certifiied Mirror Gold
1998 Select bankruptcy cards
1998 Pinnacle bankruptcy cards
Any 1/1's

Mike Piazza:
1992 Bowman BGS 10
1992 Fleer Ultra BGS 9.5 with all subs 9.5 or greater
1996 Select Certified Mirror Gold
1998 Studio Proofs Executive Sample XXX/300
Any 90's 1/1's
-1992 Classic/Best Ken Griffey Jr Auto
-1999 UD Choice Starquest Gold (Griffey, Chipper)

Also would love to complete my rainbows of
-Ken Griffey Jr (2004 Topps & TC, 2008 Bowman & BC, 2010 Topps & TC)
-Tulowitzki (2010 TC--need the Gold ref)
-Helton (2010 TC--need the Gold ref)
These are my top 3 (in order)
1909-11 American Caramel Shoeless Joe Jackson
1933 Goudey Babe Ruth
1999 Donruss Elite "Passing the Torch" Walter Payton/Barry Sanders Auto

#1 is a pipe dream, not going to happen. #'s 2 and 3 will happen... some day. :-)
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