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Box #3, pack #6. Dickey: 87 pitches.
Box 1 pack 1 Dickey throws 84
(04-24-2012 04:05 PM)joserobles Wrote: [ -> ]forgot to mention earlier... Thanks for the contest.
Good luck with the break.

Thanks -- you're the favorite to win!
Thanks yet again for another contest. You are the man!

Box 6, pack 6

Dickey with 66 pitches.

Yep, love the number 6.

Good luck with your case break!
Box 2, Pack 4, Dickey goes 86 pitches
box 6 pack 1 Dickey 91 pitches

thanks a ton man and best of luck!
Box #5, pack #6. Dickey: 78 pitches.
box 5, pack 1. 81 pitches by dickey
box 4 pack 3 Dickey 87 pitches

Good Luck with your break.
Contest closed -- no further entries accepted. I'm looking out the window every five minutes for the UPS guy, and will start busting as soon as it gets here. I know I should try to be productive prior to arrival, but it's so hard to concentrate. Anyway, good luck everyone!
There were 46 entries, covering 33 of the 48 packs. That means there is (approximately) a 31% chance nobody will pick the correct pack and the tiebreak will decide. Hope there's no rain tonight in New York, but if there is and Dickey doesn't pitch, or if Dickey never shows up to the ballpark, first poster wins.

Two of the entries did not use the word "Dickey" in their post, so they are ineligible for the tiebreak. Luckily, they each were the only ones to pick their respective packs, so they still have a shot at winning.

Good luck, all! *Now* I should really get some work done.
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