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Had bought a few boxes of this before and got beat up pretty bad so not sure why I opted for this box but glad I did. Hits are as follows:

Rookie Booklet with 6 single color swatches Wall, Cousins and Turner and others /99

Craig Brackens blue auto

Trevor Booker blue auto

and then the hit that made me rethink banging my head on the wall...

[Image: 142.jpg]

[Image: 143.jpg]

Going to sell the Rose eventually, might head to eBay to take advantage of the jersey numbering. Thanks for the look
nice one, congratulations
Nice hit..lmk if its for trade or sale
Sick rose
Nice Rose Hit, Congrats
I could use the Booker
(04-19-2012 01:25 PM)Eli8024 Wrote: [ -> ]I could use the Booker

PM sent
nice hit on the rose, congrats
Very nice hit, congrats.
check me for the booklet if it has cole aldrich on it.. thanks
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