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I decided to try another case of the Elite Black Box to see what it compared to the previous case i got of black box i say my first case won with the sweet booklet patch card and a kobe jersey auto but deff got some sweet cards for my collection and for trade.

The Hits i like best

Lebron James Crusade 6/25
Chris Mullin/ Larry Bird/ David Robinson Dream team Jersey 82/99
Kobe Bryant Status Auto 56/99
Dikembe Mutombo/Josh Smith Passing the tourch Dual Auto7/99
Tony Parker Elite Series Autograph 8/10
John Stockton/j.j Barea Passing the tourch Materials 50/99


Jalen Rose/Darren Collison Passing the tourch Dual Auto
The Rookies Triple Signatures John Wall/ Greg Monroe/ Landry Fields

[Image: SCAN0063.jpg]

[Image: SCAN0065.jpg]

[Image: SCAN0066.jpg]

[Image: SCAN0068.jpg]

[Image: SCAN0067.jpg]
sry my scanner is a lttile dirty, need to clean it .
Any lakers base cards available?
nice break... I was hoping for a kobe auto or another A-list player from my case break.. but nothing..

Let me know if you have Andrew Bogut #77 base card /99? It's the last one I need for the set. Also looking for Lakers autos (Elite Series version), the low print serial #'s.

lakerfanmaxx... I might have a few Lakers base cards. Haven't looked at my doubles in awhile.. Let me know if a deal doesn't go through with hoodauction.
nasty triple jersey usa
Nice cards! I am interested in the Tony Parker and Ray Allen if they are for trade...
(04-14-2012 03:31 PM)lakerfanmaxx Wrote: [ -> ]Any lakers base cards available?

Sorry i dident get back to ya sooner, no i dont have any avaible, Jpleazme805 will take good care of ya. Best regards
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