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Don't know if anyone on here is good at this type of thing, but I currently have in my possession four autograph cards that I am unsure as to whether they are authentic or not. For one thing, they're on-card autos, so there isn't an official sticker or whatever. I have no idea on how to verify myself if they're on the level, but they look a bit off and glossy. Here are some pics. Let me know, if you can. Thank you!

Not all pack certified autos have stickers. The two Xmen cards say authentic right on them. The Batman looks to be a auto issue as well as it has space for the person to sign. And the Hulk who knows... I dont follow non-sport cards but I bet if you look these up in the OPG you will find auto issues for these sets.
look good to me
They're solid bro, been collecting autos for 15+ yrs, they're good. Welcome to the boards!
thats the only downfall about a lot of non sport autos, theyre all on card and theres no serial #, so a lot of people are just scanning the cards front and back and gluing them together and producing their own, everyone prefers the on card over over the sticker auto, but those are ALOT harder to produce fakes of, im not sure exactly what to look for when trying to judge if its a scanned, reproduced, home-made auto of an original or if it authentic and its a lot harder to tell without having the card in hand, but if you check some websites im sure they can give you a few key things to look for.

the card world has been turning into a real evil place, seeing people buy jersey autos on ebay for $40, then you see the same card (same serial number too) posted on ebay again a month later, except this time instead of it being a single color swatch, its a 4 color stitched patch and the card goes for over $100. Theyre even counterfeiting redemptions now , how stupid can you be!
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