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I have these two patches for trade, Im looking for cubs patches in return please lmk if you have any available:

Jorge Posada 2008 UD Masterpiece Captured on Canvas Patch 7/25 BV(N/A)
Jorge Posada 08 UD Masterpiece Captured on Canvas Patch 7/25

Dave Winfield 2009 Sweet Swatch Patch 27/30 BV(N/A)
Dave Winfield 09 Sweet Swatch Patch 27/30

thanks and lmk
you can check me for the posada

do you have cubs patches for trade?
please lmk
Have some Cubs g/u & autos if you want to check..
Kinda like both.

thanks for the offer but Im really only looking for cubs patch or patches in return trade
check my bucket i think i have a cubs patch or two buried in there somewhere
I have this one....
[Image: 04fpmp01.jpg]
I took a look at everything but I didnt see any cubs patches

thanks for the offer but I'll pass on the prior patch
I am interested in both if I have anything.
I still have this patch....
[Image: rynoboggspatch.jpg]
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