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Greetings and salutations. I have been off of here for the last few months. Went back to school, work, family, etc. My card buying was on the back burner. I did purchase a few over the past few months. Looking to get back into trading and buying. I list all of my cards for trade as I might see something I like and trade some pc for it. Enjoy.

These next 2 were replacements from Topps for 2 Kyle Weiland's I waited on and finally gave up.

[Image: Baileyauto001.jpg]

[Image: Stubbsauto001.jpg]

This one was a redemption from Panini I have waited on. Finally came 3 weeks ago.

[Image: Colonauto001.jpg]

These 3 are from ebay.

[Image: Gordonauto001.jpg]

[Image: Jonesauto001.jpg]

[Image: Rodriguezauto001.jpg]

This one I got from a member here. One of my favorite cards at the moment.

[Image: Ripkenauto001.jpg]
Nice Pick Ups!!
Nice stuff. love the jones and cal
Those Chipper Jones and Alex Rodriguez hand serial #'d cards are awesome!!
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