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Busted 8 boxes from the same case of UD2 at the lcs today. The first 4 were already sold, but the good news is I hit the case hits in my 8, so I'm fine.


YG: Kassian, Voynov, M. Foligno, L. Irving, etc.
YG Exclusives: Voynov
YG Canvas: Shaw, Holland, etc.
Retired Stars Canvas: T. Twist
POE Canvas: Nugent-Hopkins
Hockey Heroes Painting SP (Hull/Mikita)
Rookie Materials: Kassian, Voynov
Rookie Materials Patch: B. Saad
Rookie Breakouts: Smith-Pelly (also have a Gardiner from 2 boxes on Friday)
GJ: Krejci, Chara, Roy, etc. (also have a Toews SP picked up on ebay)
OPC Signatures: Markstrom

All in all, it was a nice break.
which one is the case hit?

I'm interested in the Hopkins btw
(03-26-2012 07:39 PM)arock99 Wrote: [ -> ]which one is the case hit?

I'm interested in the Hopkins btw

The case hits would the rookie breakouts, the POE Canvas, Retired Stars Canvas, the OPC Sig, and the Rookie Materials Patch.

The Hopkins is for my pc.
not bad

Im intrested in this;
Retired Stars Canvas: T. Twist


nice breaks and some good hits
very nice break
Looks like you did pretty well! Congrats!

Not bad at all. Intersted in the Young Guns
You did very well!
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