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Just a heads up everyone. Not looking to create some drama drenched thread like the Jake thread, but I did go to the post office today, signed for, and opened my empty package in front of a postal worker. There was a tiny slice in the package (not big enough to free a baseball card mind you, but just enough to try and claim postal tampering). You could tell it was empty just by looking at it though. The two postal workers gave me their names. I also got the names and contact information of all the other members involved. I will now open a case with I hate to say this to the other members still holding on to a shed of hope, but this unfortunately is for real. There's always some jerk out there that has to crap on a good thing.
Who sent the card? Jake?
You mean who "didn't" send the card, but yes. Jake
That sucks. Sorry to hear that.
I didn't get any package at all. It was supposed to be here last Friday or today (Monday). Looks like we were both tricked.
the plot thickens...
Wow that sucks. Makes me afraid to send money to anyone for cards on here unless they're active...then again Jake seemed to be and he had a pretty good rep around here.
It seems to be a Sad Day in Mudville for sure...
A case has been submitted to
Dude i'm sorry about that. I can't believe this guy. This is really terrible. I hope Derek got in touch with the authorities because this guy is trying to committ mail fraud. Lets get this SCUMBAG!
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