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Some time in the next ten days I'm gonna put up images, both front and back, of the complete 1970 Fleer World Series set-- that's 66 cards-- 132 scans.

There are only two or three scans in the Beckett database.

I've noticed that the IMAGE field within the organizer does not seem to standardize scans to a set width and height.

The size of many images are about 75% (Bowman '50 & '51), some smaller. User submitted images are all over the place-- sometimes as large as 180% (Topps '69 Mantle.)

I think I'll standardize the set's size at 150% @72dpi-- That provides enough juice to actually read the backs of the cards and see details.

Any comments on the IMAGE FIELD?
you sound very high tech. no other comments from me but great job when you have done it or finished it.
Ill take 'em to the office one day next week, and scan 'em after work.

I should be able to do 20 cards all at once; then scale them to 150%; then drop the dpi down to 72 in photoshop without changing the dimensions, then crop to individual cards-- That will provide a nice size.

Nothing beats trial and error.
I never used photoshop or even played with the dpi thingy. I've done some cropping and scaling to a certain percent. By the way, what is dpi? I never uploaded any image to the Beckett database.
DPI= Dots Per Inch

The higher the better.

I have access to a 9600 DPI scanner at work.

So I could take a 3.5 X 2.5 card and "technically" blow it up 7X (7 fold) to 224" x 160" at 72 DPI!

I think my maths right... but it does not matter Ill just post 5.25 x 3.75 images.
That must be a huge scanner. The industrial type or office type scanner. My scanner is currently broken. I think the hardware is okay but, I think the software needs some tweaking or something. Mine is 3 in 1 and the printer and photo copier works fine. I currently use my camera for all my images. At least I got some alternative.

Can you post a sample image here that is bigger than normal? Thanks.
Sure thing.

My office deals with all sorts of textile designs so we have a couple of different scanners that capture at different resolutions.

I have a few '50 Bowman's with me today, so I will scan one or two after 5pm (NYC time) and post 'em.
Great! My local time is Pacific. Smile
Well, here is an example of a 600dpi scan...

This site will not let you upload any image over 500k.
So this is about as big as I can get it, 417k.
No use scanning any larger.

1950 Bowman -- #235 --Harold Gilbert

You can really see the defects, although this card has been rated NM!!

If you have a safari browser, you can blow it up to aprox 10" x 15" by double-clicking the image!!

Some of the flaws are simply because I scanned through a toploader and you can see a blue-tint, dust and especially a small red thread at top left corner.

Also the Black keyline has been overprinted by the image, see bottom right -- must be like that on all the #235s--??--!!

The card looks nice (OC, but nice) otherwise to the naked eye!
I can't see the attachment. Yup, I'm using Safari.
You may upload the image from your computer to and you can copy + paste the IMG code of the image that you want to post here. No need to test it in the test forum. The attachment works about 55% for me. Sometimes I see it...
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