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Never used JSA/BGS and I believe I'm somewhat confused on the charges.

It's $20 to have an autograph certified/authenticated and slabbed, correct?

$30 for autograph certification/authentication, grading and card grading (along with encapsulation), correct?

The above is for items valued under $150, correct?

Will they do autographed custom cards?

Turnaround time?

No discounts for large orders?

Doesn't seem to be much action in this area, but if you have any info, please inform.
I know they do custom signed cards.
Check the fee schedule for the player, the big names like Jordan are not eligible for basic Cert Fee.

I usually use PSA/DNA though because they are more standard, but its whatever you think looks best.
Please call JSA ahead of time (they have awesome customer service) to be sure whoever the authentication is for is not a premium. For example, mickey mantle and joe dimaggio are $75...not $20. Then fill out the form precisely and cross your fingers. There are no guaranteed turnaround times for JSA/BGS grading. After two months i had to call JSA to find out where my cards were because beckett did not: log that cards had arrived, enter status into my order database, return my phone call, or answer my emails. I only knew they were graded at all because they were finally shipped back.

Did that tick me off, you bet. However, beckett has never lost my cards EVER. And when JSA isnt part of their equation i have never had these issues and was always satisfied. So I will continue to use beckett...just for the record.
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