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(02-22-2012 06:12 PM)collector1974 Wrote: [ -> ]Currently trying to finish 2010 & 2011 topps update. Still working to complete 2009 topps base set.

Been working for several years on 1975-77 topps. Always looking for cards in these sets.

I just joined the site so I'm just figuring things out. I had complete 1975-77 sets that I sold but I have hundreds of doubles from those years mostly NM. I was born in 1960 and collected those cards in my later teens so they are in great shape. No flipping or carrying them around in my back pocket. Willing to trade or sell.
Please put me down for 2012 Allen and Ginter.
Trying to finish 2012 Topps Triple Threads Sepia (#/625) set. Need 17 more. All cards needed are in my org under WANT. Thanks
I'm currently working on 2012 Topps (Series 1, 2, and Update), 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen, and 2012 Topps Finest.
I would like to join as well. I am working on finishing the following.

2012 Topps base w/SP's, Series 1,2 and Update
2012 Gypsy Queen base w/SP's
2012 Topps Finest

I have many doubles and would love to trade for some that I need.

Good Luck to All!
I collect 2012 Tribute, have the base set but I'm working on the blue and bronze sets now. Looking for any serial numbered cards though, Thanks

I have a ton of the below

2012 Allen & Ginter
2012 Topps Chrome + Refractors
2012 Bowman Platinum
2012 Bowman
I have some 1992 conlon collection cards that I found in an old box. Is anyone out there working on that set? I have 630, 556, 392 (x2), 367, 636 x2, 377, and 452. I don't collect baseball so i really know nothing about them. pm me if anyone wants them.
Currently working on:

1966 Topps Venezuelan - 90% complete
1972 O Pee Chee SGC Graded/Gradeworthy - 62% complete
1967 Topps NM or better - 49% complete
2008 Topps Sterling /250 - 54% complete
1975-77 Hostess Rarities - Cards outside the standard three card panels
join i am working on a 1982 topps set
currently 1974 topps and 1996 ultra gold medallions, also contemplating doing a set from each years from 1975 to current.
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