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Full Version: 2012 UFC Knockout
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Who is busting boxes and how many?
when is the release date now? i probably cant afford more than 2 boxes
Last update i received was Feb 28th. I am debating on 1 to 3 boxes. Other thought is buy 0 boxes and put $300 (because i dont chase the huge hits) towards buying cards on the bay.
hmm. yea i might just do 1 box and trade for what i want.
I just have nightmares of my Title Shot box breaks and getting 7 redemptions out of 12 hits in the first 3 boxes. Knockout is the one exception though because there is so much value in the hits.
i preordered 2 boxes but saving to buy a case of finest because it looks sweet
Just got an email saying March 21st for Knockout now.
wow another push back?! geez.

steve go check our trade man! bad....i have all my notifications turned off because I was getting 15 a day.
(02-18-2012 04:36 PM)syaney Wrote: [ -> ]Who is busting boxes and how many?

I will probably buy one box and get packs here and there and probably look for a base set for sale on EBay. I did that with MOT, got a full base set, full insert set, and full gold set for about $50 delivered. Then I bought 2 boxes and used those cards for trading.

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