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Hi guys, I'm just showing off some of my vintage Red Sox stuff here...I have not been trading much recently, but if you have some of my vintage wants, I would love to hear from you....
Without further ado...let's start off with the 1930's...sorry, no T206's in my collection yet!

1933 Goudey 105 Bernie Friberg
[Image: 1933_goudey_105_friberg.jpg]

1934-36 Diamond Stars 6 Max Bishop (34G)
[Image: 1934_diamond_stars_6_bishop.jpg]

1934-36 Diamond Stars 48 Rick Ferrell (35G)
[Image: 1935_diamond_stars_48_ferrell.jpg]

1939 Play Ball 92 Ted Williams RC
[Image: 39PB_Ted_Williams_Front.jpg]

EDIT *** Finally had the Ted graded** I think it looks pretty good in the SGC holder.

[Image: 1939_play_ball_92_williams_graded_zps719922cd.jpg]
Ted Williams Rookie for the WIN!!!! Very nice cards!
Great cards!!! As a life long Red Sox and Ted Williams fan thanks for the photos and look forward to many more.
Really nice. Congratulations, that Williams is a card that I have on my wantlist. Hopefully, could pick one by the end of the year.
Excellent group!
Thanks for the positive comments guys! Today I'll trot out the 1940's....

1940 Play Ball 31 Jack Wilson
[Image: 1940_play_ball_wilson.jpg]

1940 Play Ball 32 Jim Bagby
[Image: 1940_play_ball_bagby.jpg]

1940 Play Ball 34 John Peacock
[Image: 1940_play_ball_peacock.jpg]

1943 MP and Co. R302-1 6 Joe Cronin
[Image: 1943_m_p_6_cronin.jpg]

1949 Bowman 39 Billy Goodman
[Image: 1949_bowman_39_goodman.jpg]

1949 Bowman 53 Jack Kramer
[Image: 1949_bowman_53_kramer.jpg]

1949 Bowman 102 Stan Spence
[Image: 1949_bowman_102_spence.jpg]
Nice Williams!
for today's episode, I'll trot out the 1951 Topps....
1951 Topps Red Backs 4 Vern Stephens
[Image: 1951_topps_red_4_stephens.jpg]

1951 Topps Red Backs 20 Dom DiMaggio
[Image: 1951_topps_red_dimaggio.jpg]

1951 Topps Red Backs 10 Mel Parnell
[Image: 1951_topps_red_parnell.jpg]

1951 Topps Red Backs 42 Ray Scarborough
[Image: 1951_topps_red_42_scarborough.jpg]

1951 Topps Red Backs 43 Maurice McDermott
[Image: 1951_topps_red_mcdermott.jpg]

1951 Topps Red Backs 46 Billy Goodman
[Image: 1951_topps_red_goodman.jpg]

Thanks for looking,
Nothing compairs to vintage, You have a great collection going there. Keep after it...Mel
Man, those are nice.
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