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(03-01-2012 03:22 PM)cpratt2005 Wrote: [ -> ]I am trying to get out of collecting him and have been collecting him on and off for years. I've been selling a lot of the stuff on ebay but feel free to contact me here. I used to on this site a lot more when I was collecting but now forgotten more old name. My old name on here was gumps2005.

pm sent!
(02-12-2012 12:23 AM)aarhart1985 Wrote: [ -> ]hey everyone this is my first thread created here on beckett some of you may know me as penny1fan on other forum sites.Let me know what you have and thanks alot!!!

here is my Penny collection - if you notice something you have but its not in my bucket please inform me on what you got!!! thanks Big Grin

Hey, If you're still collecting cards, I believe that I have one card that you do not have. The pics of the card is attached. Verify and see if you have this rookie card of Anferneee "Penny" Hardaway.
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