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Rough edges and poor centering aside, overall I believe these vintage cards are undervalued. Sometimes the market reflects the cost of scarcity, particularly with HOF players, but other times you see an ebay auction end very cheaply. Not bad if you acquiring these cards but often collectors just don't know much about these scarcer Canadian Topps cousins. To get things started, here's what I've been slowly working on for the past few years:

Various HOF's from 1965 to 1978

1967 OPC Pinups

1969 OPC Deckle Edge

1972 Set
Ive been working on the 72 & 77 and 83 sets. I have a few sets from the 80's finished.
(03-13-2012 09:27 PM)cptnemo66 Wrote: [ -> ]Ive been working on the 72 & 77 and 83 sets. I have a few sets from the 80's finished.

72's seem to be plentiful compared other OPC years, but I've had a hard time finding a decent Aaron and Clemente that are not overpriced. Thanks for the post.
Ive had to send back 2 1972 Mays cards as the sellers had them listed as OPC but they turned out to be Topps.
i had sent in my 79 ozzie smith topps and opeechee cards...But the shipment got lost
Working on my OPC Red Sox sets (of course!)
Only have a couple from the 60's, but did just pick up the 69 Yaz OPC Deckle edge for $5. It has a crease but still looks great.
For the 70's - have
6 - 70's
22- 71's
4 - 72's
1973 need 3 - 65 Tiant/Carlton, 569 Team Card, Blue checklist
0! - 74's
1975 - need 1 - 205 Yaz/Cepeda
2 - 76's
1977 - complete
1978 - complete
1979 - need 1 - 25 Brohamer

SO if any of you out there have anything for me, shoot me an offer. I do have a couple dozen 77-83's OPC for trade including HOF'ers.

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