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Yeah, it's a single receipt. I meant the long one from the p.o. that shows them all.
(02-14-2012 02:33 PM)piyn Wrote: [ -> ]actually you can print a reciept out also I do believe. I know there are three other screens of stuff you can print out after the labels. I just usually never bother. Plus each label only prints on half a page and the other half has the label record on it that you can keep for your records.
I just keep a stack of the receipt side of the page. It shows DC and what you paid and all that. Its easier to file then a receipt anyway, its not as easily crinkled and doesn't fade away over time like most receipts do.
all the info shows up on your paypal account as well. i used to keep a excel doc with all the info but stopped for some reason.
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