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Back from my vacation, and my was it nice. TONS of stuff in the mail, and picked up some boxes today, added them all to org and bucket. 11-12 Certified, 2 boxes of Dominion, 1 Enforcers, 1 Parkhurst Champs, 1 UD Regular. Here's the highlights...

[Image: dominionmatsjumbogu50-50.jpg]

Prime 01/10
[Image: certified11-12bobrovskyfotbprime01-10.jpg]

[Image: dominionlemelinsapphireauto.jpg]

[Image: dominionrobitaillerubyauto.jpg]

[Image: dominiondustinrubyauto.jpg]

[Image: dominionstamkosrubyauto.jpg]

[Image: dominiontrottiertoewsdualauto.jpg]

[Image: dominionprivatesigningskaneauto.jpg]

Emerald /5
[Image: dominionmiikkaemerald.jpg]

[Image: 11-12uddiazygexclusives.jpg]
[Image: dominionmatsarp99-99.jpg]

[Image: dominionlucicpeerless.jpg]

[Image: dominionluongopatch.jpg]

[Image: dominionjeffcarterprime.jpg]

[Image: dominionbobbyryanprime.jpg]

Got another RNH Regular YG, and a bunch of misc. other jerseys and such. All for trade, Shoot me an offer.
Would love a shot at the Trottier... did it really have to have Toews on it though... geez, that'll slim my chances a bit... lol
Wow! Nate, those are some awesome cards! If that Kane is 2011-12 I would love a shot at it! Welcome back, buddy!

Great looking cards. An open offer being sent.
What are u looking to get for that stamkos?
Who/What do u collect?
I would be interested in the Kane
Awesome pickups. They all look great!

Love the Robitaille and Toews.

I wore #19 for much of my hockey "career".
great cards congrats

hope the ones you move goes to a great home
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