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Got IMHO a pretty "blah" tin of UD1

Oversized card: Kris Letang

Canvas: Drew Doughty

YG: Alexei Yemelin, Brendon Nash & Anton Lander

Hockey Heroes: Bobby Hull

UD Canvas Rookie: Erik Gustafsson

Plus a couple EA Sports cards & an All-World insert of someone.

Definitely not worth the price they go for in stores.

All are FT
Would be interested in the Gustafsson canvas but you don't have anything marked for trade. LMK.

Pretty good tin for a Habs fan! Haha!

a habs tin

sorry no pc for you
Not bad for a tin. You hit the odds so I don't think you can complain. I mean, if it had been RNH instead of Lander it would probably be a "great" tin.
you got a canvas RC, aren't those like 1:120 packs or something like that?
Not to bad
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