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I don't post much on this board but thought I would share some recent breaks over the past couple of weeks for Black Diamond and Limited and I will start with Series one

[Image: 2011-12SPAuthentic036-1.jpg]
[Image: 2011-12SPAuthentic069.jpg]
[Image: 2011-12SPAuthentic099.jpg]

Understand from a friend this is a short printed auto from Black Diamond

[Image: DonrussCuts002-1.jpg]

Couple of quads:
[Image: DonrussCuts024-1.jpg]
[Image: DonrussCuts016.jpg]

Couple of Ice rookies I pulled from a couple of boxes that go with the above:

[Image: DonrussCuts017.jpg]
[Image: forsale017.jpg]

Now on to a pack of Limited I opened 1/21/12

This was the third card in the pack and I thought it was the pack hit:


[Image: forsale018.jpg]

but a couple of cards later this was the next card:

1/1 Cody Hodgson

[Image: forsale020.jpg]

Thanks for looking at my recent breaks
I smell big um poop! Not a chance did this happen.
haha ya I gotta back rippinwax on that one. There's no way these all spilled out of a "few boxes"
(01-23-2012 01:44 PM)rippinwax Wrote: [ -> ]I smell big um poop! Not a chance did this happen.

Sorry to spoil your comment but you can check at the two locals where I buy. I opened all the packs in front of them.

Check at Nick's Sports Cards in Dallas and Triple Cards in Plano. Nick, Debbie and Al can confirm.
Wow, if I had 1/10 of those pulls I would be happy. I would go out and buy every major lottery ticket with that luck.
(01-23-2012 01:44 PM)rippinwax Wrote: [ -> ]I smell big um poop! Not a chance did this happen.

rippinwax: Just sent you a PM with the store and my contact info. Of course you can look up the store phone numbers on the internet.

Thanks for the comments.

(01-23-2012 01:57 PM)phillyfanalex27 Wrote: [ -> ]Who does this guy think he's fooling, no way this all came from a "couple of boxes", what a joke

Didn't say it was a couple of boxes. Black Diamond was about 15 boxes. Upper Deck came from about 10 boxes. Limited I opened three packs on Saturday.

Here are the hits from the Limited:

[Image: forsale015.jpg]
[Image: forsale021.jpg]

[Image: forsale014.jpg]
[Image: forsale012.jpg]
[Image: forsale022.jpg]
[Image: forsale013.jpg]
[Image: forsale009.jpg]
I'd be interested in the Yzerman if it is up for trade.
Not that it matters but I also pulled these cards. Not scanned is the Artifacts Nugent-Hopkins autographed redemption # I

[Image: ud030.jpg]
[Image: DonrussCuts006.jpg]
Sorry bro, the pulls just seemed a little to good to be true haha, did'int know you broke so many boxes I thought it all came from one box of each, great pulls by the way, sweet giroux patch
Insane hits!!! Those RNH cards are simply amazing, and that Hodgson 1/1 is incredible! Thanks a lot for sharing!

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