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Sonnyday, that's a great idea. Has anyone suggested that to Leaf? Would be good for PR. As for the inclusion in the set, I don't see it as an issue either. First and foremost, Hitler is not profiting off this. An American trading card company is. And likely whoever pulls it. Now, Hitler liked capitalism, but only when it involved him. Consider it almost a slap in the face to Hitler that someone else (maybe even a communist) is making money at the expense of his reputation. Don't forget also that trading cards are as much for education as they are for sport. It's doubtful the card will portray him as some "hero", but as a diabolical adversary to the American culture. This was a time when the U.S. stepped up and did the right thing, and truly became THE dominant world power. Hopefully this card will end up in an educational setting. Has anyone else put together anything containing even remotely prominent opposing military leaders before? This is historic, and will be highly sought after. They really should donate to a holocaust memorial or foundation or something though.
Personally, as an autograph/card/militaria collector...I want it. Not for any weird/sick reasons...I just do cause it falls into literally every facet of what I collect!
In that case they should try for an adversary subset or match up a few more. Throw a saddam/bush. Some Castro.
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