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I've been a long time collector, but this is my first time posting on this site.

Opened a Cerified blaster today, because I've seen a few good breaks of these, and i was not disapointed this time either.
What i pulled:
Mirror parallel Drew Stafford /99
Fabric of the game Daniel Briere Jsy/Auto /25

Being a Flyers fan i was pretty pumped about the Briere.
That's a great pull. I've had decent luck with the Certified blasters this year, too ... but I think yours tops any of my pulls. Congrats!
Nice pull on the Briere especially with you being a Flyers fan. Nothing like getting pc cards out of a box. Congrats!

If it ever shows up for trade please let me know.
Awesome pull on the Briere! Congrats!

Thanks for the replies, blasters have been very good to me this year, pulled a Nugent-Hopkins YG out of one earlier in the week, so needless to say i've had a pretty good run of luck lately haha
congrats on pulling a pc card

those pulls are the best in my mind, beats those who end up just selling the card for $$
Sweet #"d 25
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