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2007-2008 Press Pass Legends Legacy Marks
I believe that this is the Platinum version as it is numbered 10/18

Any offers? LMK Thanks,
I am interested in it do you have a scan of it you can post on here?
Ive been out of the beckett community for quite a while and the new layout is a little confusing to me.. i can only seem to scan cards as an attachment and not directly into a post. Any suggestions as I would like to show off my most recent pull?

Easiest way is to upload your pic into a photo hosting site (photobucket, imageshack, etc).

That site will give you a code that begins and ends with [ IMG ] [ /IMG ]. Copy that code into your post and the picture will show in your post.
thanks i just set up a photobucket and its a lot easier. Here is a pic of the Bird auto numbered /18

[Image: 405.jpg]
.99ยข card though....don't know how much it would command since it is press pass and all
Here is the link to ebay for the same card.

Are you wanting to sell or trade? I would like to make a deal for it PM me on it
pm sent!
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