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Me and the wife took a small vacation down to Wilmington Beach NC. While there I had always wanted to visit Chris' shop The Hobby Box (knew of him from youtube). Anyway I was told I could get a couple of boxes so I picked out a box of Zenith Hockey and Ultimate Hockey. She Decided to pick out the Elite Black Box basketball. The big hits are shown below. as for now all are not for sale or trade.

[Image: DSC01381.jpg]
very nice hits congrats
Awesome pulls, congrats!
That Seguin card is SICK!!!
The scan is wow from the first cardto the last !
very sweet. not a bball fan but love the triple jersey
Awesome hits! Wish that Kobe was mine! LOL.
You killed it bro. That Subban is an extremely hard pull and the Seguin is one of the nicest patches
of him I have seen. Kobe is icing on the cake. WOW!!!!!!!!!
Congrats. You and the wife should go on more vacations. Good karma.
WOW!!! That Seguin patch is amazing and the rest of the pulls are awesome as well. Congrats on the break.
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