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Full Version: Finally!
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Whew, been away for way too long!! How's everyone been? New job and a new condo for me, which is why I haven't been on here.

But, how was all of your Christmas' this year? I got a 2010 Jeff Gordon National Guard diecast from the mom and a box of '11 Premium from the sis. Kinda disappointing though, all base and 2 inserts...hmm...

And as for hellsbells, sorry about the time delay on our trade, money will be in your hands tomorrow.
Welcome back.

Thanks - still got the box on the shelf ready to ship.

Christmas here was quiet, but (as mentioned in another thread) Wife got me tickets to the Sonoma Road race (Sprint Cup) and also got a new Fastenal Carl Edwards hat!!

Now the bad part that I have to take my 9 y/o son down to San Diego to see my dad for the last time (just found out he has terminal bone cancer and has about a month left.)

He's survived other cancers, but this one is the one.

Glad to hear about the job and the new place (a lot to take on near the holidays), and sorry about the Premium box - those seem to be hit or miss.

Sorry to here about your father. I hope everything can go as painless as possible. I wish you all the best.
Welcome back, jgr! I haven't been on here as much lately either. I'm usually not as active in December anyway, but this year was for a different reason. I have been SOOOO busy with work the past two months. That is actually pretty good b/c I usually lose a lot of hours around the holidays with so many of my company accounts shutting down during the last few weeks of December. That always makes my wallet lighter at the worst time for it to happen.
I did have a nice Xmas, even though I didn't get anything NASCAR related (or sports in general). I enjoyed my time with family, esp. my 4-month old niece. I finally found something to do that makes her smile. She is becoming notorious for never smiling near a camera.
Actually, I did get two gifts that are slightly sports-related. My Grandma got me a new set of Craftsman Pliers. I badly needed some new pliers for my toolbox. Also, my Aunt (who is legally blind) made me a woven throw blanket that is black, white, and Carolina Panthers blue! It's amazing how good she is at knitting since she has about 25% of the vision of a normal person!

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!!
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