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Full Version: Xmas breaks
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Mom doesn't know anything bout cards and veered from my list.

got retail boxes of 11-12 Artifacts, O-Pe-Chee, and Victory. Also got two boxes of 11-12 UD series 1. Already opened it all this morning. No Landeskog or RNH. Will post all the hits probably tomorrow when I'm not liquored up.

Everything will be FT
Crazy, my kids and I all got a single retail pack in our stockings this year, and I pulled a Landeskog in my pack. No RNH though, that would have blown my mind.
that is a bummer but looking forward to seeing what you got
I've been slacking, but have the whole week off from work so I'll post a thread tomorrow with what I got. Got a tin of UD Series I today as well.

The UD were hobby boxes, but everything else was retail.
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