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Full Version: 2 Certified blasters
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Real quick I'm just getting back into cards as of the past couple of months after not buying anything new for years. I've started with some topps chrome football and this is my first try at hockey. So i went to target tonight after work and bought 2 blasters of certified 3 packs per box and i think i did pretty well. Just a couple questions, are there memorabilia cards in every box? Also this is probably a dumb question but how do you post pictures in posts? ok onto the cards

Michal Neuvirth Masked Marvels
Mark Messier Immortals
Tim Thomas FOTG 174/399
Claude Giroux Prime FOTG 1/5
nice hits

most folks use photobucket to upload the pictures and then use the "img" cope to copy and paste

hope that helps
Sweet claudie
Thanks that helps alot.

[Image: d09b6cec.jpg]

[Image: 4d5d6f79.jpg]

[Image: b208afd9.jpg]

[Image: 8d0c679f.jpg]
Any ideas what the value would be for the giroux on ebay?
That Giroux is one sick card!!!
nice pulls

definetely would recommend certified blaster over artifacts blaster...i pulled a Crosby Patch out of my only box of certified (22/50)...and no its not FS or FT considering i Collect Crosby cards
yes nice pulls, i also broke into two blasters and pulled

lidstrom red mirror
crawford MM
erik karlsson die cut prime (sweeden) #\5
malkin numbers patch auto #\25

anyone have any idea the value of the karlsson and malkin
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