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Friday 10/28 and Saturday 10/29 mailday

[Image: scan0006-13.jpg]
Eric Hacker 2008 Topps 'Bowman Sterling' Black Refractor Auto #7/25
[Image: scan0005-16.jpg]
Ruben Rivera 1997 Topps'Bowman' Blue Ink Auto. For some reason this and the Medina are so hard to find, and go for alot more than people think.
[Image: scan0002-36.jpg]
Rafael Medina 1997 Topps 'Bowman' Blue Ink Auto
[Image: scan0001-63.jpg]
Clete Boyer 2006 Upper Deck 'Artifacts' Auto-Facts Auto #286/484

[Image: scan0004-2.jpg]
Karim Garcia 1997 Topps 'Bowman' Blue Ink Auto
[Image: scan0003.jpg]
Homer Bush 1997 Topps 'Bowman' Blue Ink Auto
A few more from Friday 10/28 and Saturday 10/29

[Image: scan0001-64.jpg]
Luke Wilcox 1997 Topps 'Bowman' Blue Ink Auto. Unfortunetly 2 sides of it are a tiny bit miscut, and there is some sorta bad chipping on the back top edge.
[Image: scan0002-12.jpg]
Artis Gilmore 2010 Panini 'Classics' Blast From The Past 3-color Patch #11/25
Monday 10/31 mailday.... of a nobody, but I needed him for my collection.

[Image: scan0001-65.jpg]
Grant Plumley 2004 Upper Deck 'SP Prospects' Auto #340/475
Thursday 11/03 mailday

[Image: scan0001-66.jpg]
Kenny Rogers 2002 Upper Deck 'World Series Heroes' game used jersey
Saturday 11/05 mailday

[Image: scan0003-22.jpg]
Eduardo Nunez 2011 Topps 'Finest' Gold dual jersey/auto #3/69
[Image: scan0001-67.jpg]
Wily Mo Pena 2000 Fleer 'Tradition' Frseh Ink Auto
[Image: scan0001-42.jpg]
DonTrell Moore 2006 Upper Deck 'SPX' Auto #199/1299
[Image: scan0001-41.jpg]
Aaron Glenn 2005 Donruss 'Zenith' Z-Jerseys Prime Patch #47/100
Monday 11/07 mailday

[Image: scan0002-38.jpg]
Sterling Hitchcock 1996 Donruss 'Leaf Signature Series' Gold Auto #/500 Copies
[Image: scan0001-68.jpg]
Steve Shoemaker 1996 Best Cards 'Best' Auto (Greensboro Bats Uniform)
[Image: scan0002-37.jpg]
Rudy Guillen 2004 Topps 'Bowmans Best' Green Auto #/50 Copies
[Image: scan0001-43.jpg]
Justin Miller 2007 Topps 'Bowman Sterling' Refractor GU Pro-Bowl Jersey (2-color) #3/199
Thursady 11/10 mailday.

[Image: scan0001-69.jpg]
Jeff Karstens 2007 Upper Deck 'Sweet Spot' Sweet Spot Signatures Silver Ink/Stitching Auto #3/17
Saturday 11/12 mailday

[Image: scan0003-23.jpg]
Lou Piniella 2011 ITG "Heroes And Prospects" GU Jumbo Jersey/Auto #/19 Copies. The only thing I dont like about this card is the non-license part. I would have liked to see the Yankees NY logo on his hat. Overall though, it's pretty sweet looking to me.
[Image: scan0002-39.jpg]
Kevin Brown 2004 Upper Deck "SPX" Winning Materials Dual GU Jersey/Batting Practice Jersey
[Image: scan0001-72.jpg]
Hector Lopez 2000 Upper Deck "Yankees Legends" Legendary Pinstripes GU Jersey
[Image: scan0001-71.jpg]
Steve Sax 2001 Upper Deck "SP Legendary Cuts" Rookie Debut GU Bat
[Image: scan0001-70.jpg]
Hensley Meulens 1991 Topps "Bowman" TTM Auto W/ "Bam Bam" Inscription
Tuesday 11/15 and Wednesday 11/16 mailday

[Image: scan0001-73.jpg]
Mark Teixeira 2011 Topps "Triple Threads" Emerald 3X GU Jersey #17/18
[Image: scan0003-7.jpg]
Kiki Vandeweghe 2006 Fleer "Greats Of The Game" Auto
[Image: scan0002-13.jpg]
Keith Edmonson 2005 Topps "All-Time Fan Favorites" Auto
Thursday 11/17 mailday

[Image: scan0001-2.jpg]
Cristian Guzman 2001 Fleer "Platinum RC" Lumberjacks GU Bat
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