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Thursday 10/06 and Friday 10/07 mailday.
[Image: scan0002-35-2.jpg]
Dioner Navarro 2004 Topps 'Traded & Rookies' Future Phenoms GU Bat
[Image: scan0001-60-4.jpg]
Jim Kaat 2003 Upper Deck 'Yankees Signature Series' Pride Of New York Auto
[Image: scan0003-21-3.jpg]
Dwight Gooden 2004 Donruss 'Playoff Absolute Memorabilia' Tools Of The Trade Green 3X GU Jersey/Jersey/Bat #2/100
[Image: scan0001-9-1.jpg]
Gary Carter 2005 Donruss 'Playoff Absolute Memorabilia' Marks Of Fame 3X GU Jersey/Fielding Glove/Hat #20/55. I love the double row of stitching on his glove piece.
Another card from Thursday 10/06
[Image: scan0001-13-1.jpg]
James Anderson 2010 Panini 'Limited' Freshman Jumbo 3-Color Patch #4/25
(10-07-2011 10:23 PM)murrylove Wrote: [ -> ]The Larsen patch? I just wrote what Beckett listed it as. I'd be interested in some of them.

I've been collecting them and yes they were unreleased. A hand full of them hit the market well before Fleer's bankruptcy. The rest were released after. Actually, i have 32 of them.

[Image: S6300950.jpg]
Friday 10/14 Mailday
[Image: scan0001-60-5.jpg]
2011 Topps 'Triple Threads' Emerald Bat/Auto #15/50
i really like that Doc Gooden
i really like that Doc Gooden

Thanks, that was actually a freebie from a friend who had gotten out of collecting and found it in his closet.

Saturday 10/15 Mailday, with a sick favorite all-time player Jets PC
[Image: scan0001-41-1.jpg]
Wayne Chrebet 2011 Panini 'National Treasures' Jumbo 3-color patch/auto #8/15. Chrebet is my favorite Jet of all-time. I live 5 minutes from Hofstra University, and before they screwed us long time Long Island and NY supporters and moved to NJ, I went there all the time.

Another mailday card from Saturday 10/15, and it's another biggie for me.
[Image: scan0001-60-6.jpg]
Paul O'Neill 2011 Topps 'Marquee' Titanic Threads Jumbo Jersey/Auto #8/20. Paul is 1 of my top 3 all-time favorite Yankees.
2 Very similar Monday 10/17 mailday cards.
[Image: scan0002-35.jpg]
Sean Black 2011 Topps 'Heritage Minor League' Blue Tint Auto #83/99
[Image: scan0001-60.jpg]
Same card but the Red Tint Auto #10/25
Wednesday 10/19 mailday
[Image: scan0001-61.jpg]
Enrique Wilson 1998 Donruss 'Signature Series' Auto #/3400 Copies
Friday 10/21 Mailday
[Image: scan0004-12.jpg]
Katsuhiro Maeda 1997 Upper Deck 'SP Top Prospect' Auto
If any has this card for sale or trade. let me know as I'd like another.
[Image: scan0003-21.jpg]
David Martinez 2003 Topps 'Bowmans Best' Red Ink Auto #/25 Copies
[Image: scan0002-17.jpg]
Ryan Yarborough 1994 Signature Rookies Auto #3868/7750
[Image: scan0001-13.jpg]
Robert Horry 2011 Panini 'Black Box' Flag Patch Auto #94/99
Thursday 10/27 mailday

[Image: scan0002-18.jpg]
Marquel Blackwell 2003 Topps 'Bowman' Signs Of The Future Auto
[Image: scan0002-36.jpg]
Spencer Haywood 2011 Panini 'Elite Black Box' Status Auto #3/149
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