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Who is busting this over the next few days?
I was going to, but then the prices went haywire and the stories of cut production and I couldn't pull the trigger on handing over the dough/ tying up the money with the cheapest sources only to end up with a refund because they did not get it.
I just don't really care for the design of that product. I won't be opening any, but I will look to trade for DBacks players from it down the road.
Busting a case on Friday
Wow! Wish I would of bought more than 2 boxes.
Price really jumped thru the roof...
what did the price of the box originally go for and what is the new price now?
I was planning on getting a couple boxes this week. Not sure now.
I will be breaking 6 box case tomorrow night or Wed morning. Will post some scans of the cards pulled.

The price from major online folks was around $170. Now I believe it is around $200/box. But you cannot find it at most places at 45% of the production was cut short and they are not making any more.
I also wonder if the checklist took a big "hit" also.
(09-13-2011 03:35 AM)woodrowsbat Wrote: [ -> ]I also wonder if the checklist took a big "hit" also.

Man I hope not. I feel like everybody is really nervous because of this possibility.
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