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Somehow, from 4 tins of the cup i managed to hit two massive Larionovs.

Take a look!

[Image: gerv.jpg]

[Image: gervdaddy-3.jpg]
wow amazing stuff congrats
I would find a Red Wings fan with some Nino for trade first, no?
haha agreed.
I was only kidding. not sure how many equivalent ninos there are for that larionov 1/1.
Awesome 1/1!!!
Wow, if money were no object and I could pluck any two cards out of this year's Cup, those two might be it...unless they made a Shield card. Those "Property of's" are seeded at, what, 1 out of 100 cases? Congratulations just doesn't cut it.
are you going to keep both or move them? just wondering
Those are absolutely amazing cards. I tip my hat to you sir for pulling those cards.
Sickness any tampa bay lightning in ur tinsI am SUPER intrested
The quad I sold last night... because I had no real reason to keep it. Not a detroit fan... And figured I could just buy some cup nino's with the cash.

The Property Of ... is interesting. I've had a few big trade offers... but non-pc ones.
Its probably one of my biggest pulls... So im torn.
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