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[Image: campbellauto.jpg]

[Image: colinauto.jpg]

[Image: mathewsafcauto.jpg]

[Image: mathewspullout.jpg]

[Image: cjbgs9.jpg]

[Image: colt.jpg]
Nice CJ! Hopefully colt mccoy does good things this year and gets people excited about him. His cards are not terribly high right now so that auto just might be one heck of a investment. I couldnt make out the others but they look like keepers.
Hold on bud. I have to go find my magnifying glass. LMAO. Nice cards
Nice pick ups on the Suhs and sweet colt
Nice Mathews'! Big Grin
nice stuff Smile
Had to zoom in on my screen about 10x to see em lol BUT great pick ups! Love the McCoy!
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