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[Image: Molitor98TCGold.jpg]
Great thread i miss these cards
This is a great thread. The 90's definitely was the decade of the inserts

[Image: lastscan-1.jpg]
[Image: trus.jpg]
[Image: ripkengriffey.jpg]
My favorite base set and insert set ever.. sorry about the size

[Image: tonygwynnessentialcredentials.png]
Only one I have scanned...I'll add more later
[Image: 1996SummitPosition1216of1500-1.jpg]
god that is so sad but true, when inserts were art cards that looked cool and when any serialed numbered was rare and low number was super rare not like todays low numbered over parrelled versions. back in the day if u had a card #'d to 100 it was a special card no matter who it was now well not so much

(08-22-2011 09:21 PM)ricelynnevans75 Wrote: [ -> ]Great stuff guys. It's a shame that we've gone from solid and creative ideas/designs to just changing the color of a border and slapping a serial number on there.
Okay, I haven't scanned my Ozzie Smith cards from then into my PB yet, BUT I have this one great scan of a late-90's insert. I traded this card to Teresa (aka Ripkenfan72). It was a GREAT pull and I am seriously happy that I was able to work out a trade with her.

1998 Finest Stadium Stars Cal Ripken


[Image: 98FinestRipken-1F.jpg]


[Image: 98FinestRipken-2B.jpg]
(12-24-2011 12:49 AM)wolverine74 Wrote: [ -> ]This is a great thread. The (mid-late) 90's definitely was the (best era) of the (GREAT) inserts!!!

Altered the quote, but this is what I agree with.
[Image: collection_33.jpg]
[Image: collection_3.jpg]
(08-22-2011 09:20 PM)captdolo Wrote: [ -> ]How about the Maddux... and its for trade


VERY interested in that.
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