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[Image: black4.jpg]
[Image: black3.jpg]
[Image: 1991ToppsDesertStormSet.jpg]
[Image: 1996Finest.jpg]
[Image: 1996Schwebels.jpg]
[Image: 1996SPSpecialFXSet.jpg]
[Image: 1996StadiumClubExtremePlayers.jpg]
[Image: 1997DonrussLimitedUnlimitedTalentsE.jpg]
[Image: 1998UpperDeckAmazingGreats.jpg]
[Image: 1999UpperDeckForte.jpg]
[Image: 2000CrownRoyale20PlatinumBlue.jpg]
[Image: 1996UpperDeckDiamondDestinySilver.jpg]
[Image: 1999UpperDeck1-TextbookofExcellence.jpg]
[Image: 1999UpperDeck1-View-1866.jpg]
[Image: 1993PinnacleCooperstownDufex.jpg]
[Image: 1994SPHoloview32Red.jpg]
[Image: 1995Sportflix122Sample.jpg]
[Image: 1996Studio.jpg]
[Image: 1996SummitBigBang.jpg]
[Image: 1998DonrussFANtasyTeam.jpg]
[Image: 1998LeafRCsStars28.jpg]
[Image: 1998LeafRCsStars188.jpg]
[Image: 1998PinnacleInside8.jpg]
[Image: 1998PinnacleInside144.jpg]
[Image: 1998SPAuthenticSheerDominanceSD8Gold.jpg]
[Image: 1999Pacific60bDynagonDiamond-76.jpg]
[Image: 1999Revolution23.jpg]
[Image: soup.jpg]
[Image: soup1.jpg]
[Image: CHAND2.jpg]
[Image: CHAND4.jpg]
I'll post some later today. I don't really have any scanned. I have this one in my PB.

1995 ProMint 22 KT Gold

[Image: ProMintGold1.jpg]

I had this one, but I traded it to ripkenfan72 a few weeks ago.
1998 Finest Stadium Stars

[Image: 98FinestRipken-1F.jpg]
I'm a sucker for 90's inserts.....especially the hologram cards.....I always thought Pinnacle was great at card design...
to the OP.. please take those Griffey inserts out of those god aweful acrylic holders before they get destroyed!! show your cards some love and put them in some one touches or toploaders and penny sleeves at minimum..

[Image: JoseCansecoPC143.jpg]

[Image: JosePC072.jpg]

[Image: JosePC069.jpg]
@1sr4040 – what’s wrong with the 4-screws? they're resesitated...sick canseco crusades btw
a couple more of my favorites...
The only ones I have scanned
[Image: 02-14-2011041648PM.jpg]
[Image: 02-14-2011042030PM.jpg]
[Image: 02-14-2011042318PM.jpg]
[Image: 02-14-2011042759PM.jpg]
(08-23-2011 08:31 PM)bcwaxbuster Wrote: [ -> ]@1sr4040 – what’s wrong with the 4-screws? they're resesitated...sick canseco crusades

Hey man you got some really nice Griffey inserts! I cringe everytime I see those holders because recessed or not there is no breathing room for the card and with temps changing over time the cards tend to stick to the holder. no biggie if you never plan to take them out but down the road it could be the type of thing that brings tears to your eyes if you decide to and the cards actually get damaged.
[Image: 001.jpg]
[Image: 2011-01-29_17-48-29_615.jpg]
[Image: 002-1.jpg]
[Image: 009-1.jpg]
[Image: 010-1.jpg]
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