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So no box by box recap, but this by far was a horrible case in my opinion. So I'm wondering, if the regular contents were lackluster, do I take my chances on the rip card and maybe it contains something to even out the break? Looking for ya'll's comments....

pedroria bat
soriano jsy w stripe
ross bat

loney bat
soto jsy w stripe
maxim shmyrev auto redemption

j d drew jsy
aaron hill jsy
victorino jsy

derrek lee jsy
aj burnett jsy
wakefield jsy

desmond jsy
chris johnson jsy
chris johnson jsy w stripe (not a typo)

hudson jsy
jason heyward rip card/75
yamagucci auto redemption

josh johnson jsy w stripe
votto bat
swisher jsy

quentin bat
ryan perry jsy
hanley ramirez jsy w stripe

saltalamacchia jsy
werth jsy
beckett jsy

michael young jsy
tyler colvin jsy
boesch jsy w stripe

victorino jsy
cano bat
starlin castro silk 4/10
joba jsy w stripe

verlander jsy
blake dewitt jsy w stripe
anikka sorrenstem auto redemption

Utah state box topper 17/50

So only 3 auto's and not a single one is signed and in my case. Not sure how that happens, but maybe it means my Rip card has something nice in it. I'm tempted to try but need some opinions.
Would like to trade for the Heyward, please PM me if you haven't ripped it yet
I would rip it.

P.S. If you are not putting the set together, lmk because there are quite a few cards that I need for my complete set minus the minis.
You got NO Bazooka or no number minis? At this point you might as well rip it, the higher numbered ones aren't going for much anyway..if you sell it you will regret not ripping it to try and recoup.
I would probably consider that a below-average case. I can't believe that you only got 3 autos and they were ALL redemptions. Not 1 printing plate is pretty odd too. :-(
no plate, there was a numbered mini (nobody of note).
What code cards did you get for both the decifer and the actual code cards as I am missing 4 to the set. There are 2 with the bottom corners with the codes on them, the other 2 also show just 2 symbols but one just has the right and the other has the left with the codes. I would also be interested in you Decifer code cards I currently have 20 of 30 and I have number 21 on the way.
Rafael Soriano 118
Chrissie Wellington 234
Omar Infante 252
Josh Thole 347
man, tough case. I would rip it as well
I need any of the Cano numbered and base mini... let me know I will trade or buy
rip it
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