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Full Version: 2011 A&G mystery
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I'm pretty new to this whole A&G thing, and I need some help. Opened four hobby boxes, and in my first I came away with a card that has nothing but a design on the front (almost like a Celtic knot) and a few large (1 inch) numbers on the back. I'm wondering if anyone has any info on this. I'm guessing it is part of the code thing, but I'm not really sure. Just seems weird. And it's the only thing like it from the 4 boxes (it is not a player card code parallel, but rather a blank white card with the design). Any help would be appreciated (value/scarcity, etc.?)!
You're right. It has something to do with the Ginter Code. I heard they were seeded one per case, and there is a set of 30 total cards similar to it. If you're looking to trade it, I'd be interested as I'm trying to solve the Code (with no expectation of winning the prize lol).
It's a decoder card
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