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Getting ready to break 35 boxes of Limited. Gangstippie, we are bound to have a great trade session later tonight!!!!

Will scan and update in an hour or two!!!

Hopefully its good.
Good Luck! LMK if you get any Mike Williams.
cant wait, good luck
Wow Im jealous!!! Good Luck man. Hopefully you pull a few cards for my set. hehe.
keep me in mind of anything manning you pull Smile
Awesome! Can't wait to see what you pull! Big Grin
I couldn't imagine opening 35 boxes lol I don't think I've opened 20 boxes in my life and thats counting blasters. good luck, hope ya pull what you need!
Maybe interested in 1/1 or high end brady
Good Luck my friend.
You are bound to get some insaneeeee hits out of 35 boxes Smile
good luck
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