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I have a unusual O J Simpson rookie Card, after searching extensively on the web I only found 2 people who had a similar card, and they were stumped on what they had. it has the same graphics as the 1970 rookie card, OJ's pic with a banner and a football in the lower right hand corner, but is a 1969 card With Rookie in the banner instead of the Buffallo Bills and lacking the running back designation printed on the football in the lower right corner. from what I understand the info on the back is different, but havent got a 70's card to compare. Would like to know what I have, the card is mint with nice even borders and has been in a protective sleeve since it was purchased in 1969. so is it a rare old card or a rare old forgery? I would appreciate any info anyone might have cause my curiosity is getting the better of meSmile

I found an image of the back of the number 90, 1970 card, and compared it to this card.The text and info are the same, but the Graphics are different.
Most of the football collectors don't read the vintage threads. I would repost this in the football forum and add a front and back pic of what you have for reference. Hopefully someone there will be able to help.
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