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First off I want to give a huge shout out to DarkCrawler88 here on Which has tooken me from not knowing nothing about this to where I am today without him this show would be nothing but cards scanned thank you again SIR!

Now onto the Master Super pc collection of Steve downie!
[Image: SteveDownieCollection-Page01.jpg]
[Image: SteveDownieCollection-Page02.jpg]
[Image: SteveDownieCollection-Page04.jpg]
[Image: SteveDownieCollection-Page03.jpg]
[Image: SteveDownieCollection-Page05.jpg]
[Image: SteveDownieCollection-Page06.jpg]
[Image: SteveDownieCollection-Page07.jpg]
[Image: SteveDownieCollection-Page08.jpg]
[Image: SteveDownieCollection-Page13.jpg]
[Image: SteveDownieCollection-Page09.jpg]
[Image: SteveDownieCollection-Page12.jpg]
[Image: SteveDownieCollection-Page11.jpg]
[Image: SteveDownieCollection-Page10.jpg]
Another great collection. I had fun doing this one for you as Downie used to play for my Flyers for a short time.
very nicely done!
Thank You
Anyone Have any of my needs?
Picked up 4 needs cant wait to scan them and put them in. Anyone have anything?
Any on have any new steve downies for me?
wow no love
Plenty of love...just no help. You've got cards there that I didn't even know existed. Most of your cards, including HG, OPCP Spectrum, BAP Player's Club, I've never seen in person...of ANY player.

Chris tables help has done justice to your amazing collection. Thanks for sharing.
I understand just saying
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