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I should of sent my 80 bucks to starving children in Africa. I can handle the risks of getting 3 game used in these boxes but i got 3 crappy ones Drew Stubbs, Brett Gardner and Volquez got no # cards or no numbers either. I feel violated topps knows how to do it though just like a stripper all tease on the stage get her in the back and she got your money and you get nothing. sure you will hear rumors of how great she is behind the curtain or how they pulled a manny but most people feel fleeced at the end lol. I dont get why topps doesnt have more big name autos jeter griffey arod etc seems like they tease with 3 or 4 short printed ones and the rest is filler oh well. Maybe some of you guys can use the minis. Got a box of platinum sitting here i hope it makes up for this

ok just did the platinum break no big names couple green refractor autos though but I find the plat a much more fun break. get some refractors plus the guranteed autos even if the auto sucks atleast it isnt a 99cent GU.

Tony Sanchez green auto /199
Nick Noonan green auto/199
Scott McGough jersey auto /740
George Springer blue refractor /99
Andrew Cashner thick gold ref /539
Donovan Tate, evan longoria, domic brown and clayton kershaw ref thick /999
chris withrow /999 reg ref
RC's posey heyward
let me know what u get in the platinum
A&G is not for everyone. It's not all baseball. People seem to forget that. Were gypsy queen auto's of Brett Cecil and David DeJesus so awesome? Those could have been the 2 autos in a hobby box and then get a Brett Gardner Jersey and a Soto Jersey......that's not a good box. It's all in the eye of the beholder and their luck.
Everyone complains about A&G but keeps buying it.
Yeah i know its high risk high reward and for set collectors. i do like all the different inserts and such and the card design haha just would rather have a scrub auto then jersey. I liked gypsy queen but the hobby is expensive and the retail i cannot even find anymore at all
there is a bunch of retail gypsy queen collecting dust at a store here...
(07-21-2011 12:10 PM)kevinnashoutsider Wrote: [ -> ]there is a bunch of retail gypsy queen collecting dust at a store here...

wow too bad i dont live there around here i have not seen it in a couple months (except loose packs which have been searched over)
that's a nice box of platinum.... I only buy platinum boxes myself trying to decide if I should pull the trigger on this years now or wait a bit.... I might buy last years since it has 4 autos and is cheaper
Let me know if the stubbs jersey is FS.
The reason you dont have the big name guys is b/c they sign their own license deal...Bonds was the first to sign an exclusive contract when he did it with Topps, then guys like Jeter and Griffey signed with the way Griffey is retired so he isnt part of the "active" MLBPA...Players also aren't entirely foolish. They know what type of money is being generated on the secondary market from their auto/gusd stuff and want a piece of the action as well.

Its funny b/c there is a lot of talk about what the marketplace will bring on indiv cards but not much on boxes b/c as soon as something pops up new, people rush in anticipation to get it no matter what price appears. Every GU/auto I accumulated (b4 I started trading here) came from boxes. Yes its a lot of hit/miss but I feel you have to buy boxes once the dust settles and prices get normalized...Unless you are buying cases at a time your odds are so overwhelming for the big hit that its many times going to feel like trying to win an ***** kicking contest as a 1 legged man...

Case in point...When 2005 Leaf Limited (black box w/Mays on it) 1st came out they were going for about 80-95 a box b/c of the hype and types of big hits you could get (includ autos of Aaron/Mays/Koufax/etc)...when the dust settled and people weren't paying that type of money 6 months later, I was buying indiv boxes for 42-50 max...Good 4 me, bad 4 dealers who already had the high $ investment in them. And yes, the 1/1 Koufax's were already pulled, but without buying case lots I feel 98.5% sure I wasnt going to hit them anyway. But I landed tons of neat cards, several of which I have traded in the last few months here for what I wanted, and still get offers today for the stuff...I traded a BV $40 TNT D Wright for $40 BV of stuff I more wanted...I traded a ser # to 10 W Clark for $15 of stuff I wanted...Long winded but in short dont jump into these things without eyes wide open!
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