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Last week I bought a blaster of 2011 Score and got 2 RC's of the #1 Overall pick, Cam Newton. Yesterday I bought a blaster of 2010 Chrome, and as you might imagine, 2 RC's of that years #1 Overall Pick...Sam Bradford.

Topps Chrome XFractors - Sam Bradford
[Image: scan0059.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Rookie Preview - Sam Bradford
[Image: scan0060.jpg]

And for the PC, I know it's nothing great being a reprint and all but was still cool to pull...

LaDainian Tomlinson Rookie Reprints
[Image: scan0061.jpg]
That's a sweet Bradford xfractor though
(07-20-2011 02:38 PM)alberj24 Wrote: [ -> ]That's a sweet Bradford xfractor though

Thanks. Smile Always nice to pull something that's going for about the price of what you buy.
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