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All pulls listed, nothing for Trade.

Rookie Autos - Trevor Booker, Dominique Jones, Hassan Whiteside

Timeless Tributes Silver - Darren Collison, Moses Malone

Timeless Tributes Platinum - Bill Walton

Blast from the Past - Hinrich, Durant, Turkoglu, Yi, Bosh

Classic Combos - West/Goodrich

Classic Greats - Mullin

Classic Moments - Blake Griffin

Dress Code - Jennings, Bogut

Dress Code Materials Prime - David Lee

Membership Materials - Drexler.

Only Double I got for my pc's was garnett. The two bonus rookies were nice, but it could have been a better box over all.

Edit: REceived the jeff green base as an extra in a trade with buckunteer. Thanks man. appreciate it!
Nice drexler
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