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Ok, so I'm talking with Bill ( admin) and someone from BGS on trying to find a possible way to do group submissions to BGS to get some lower rates. This is an idea I've been pondering and got good ideas from rj88 and htowntigger. It hasn't been approved yet, still working out some details, but here's what I was thinking of and wanted to know who may be interested. This is not for me to make a profit of any sort, just trying to get people more graded cards since some of us aren't rich enough to do it on our own. If you'd be interested, please let me know. Here's the scenario:



BGS Service:

20 days

Number of Seats:

10-20 (no more, no less)

Cards Per Seat:

10 (no more, no less)

Cost Per Seat:

Around $100 (working out the details)

Cost for return shipping:

Depends on number of seats purchased.

Process (if approved by

On the first of every month I will make a seating chart in the BGS forum with the title of:

BGS Group Submission: MONTH/YEAR (Example: BGS Group Submission: June/2011)

I will make a post in each of the four major forums (Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey) with the same title but I will lock the thread. This thread will have a link to the thread in the BGS forum.

If you wish to buy a seat, you will make a reply to the thread stating that you're interested and posting the cards you want to send. Your post can either have the exact description of the card as it is listed in Beckett, or you can post the link. Or, if you are fancy enough, you can post the link and the description:

<a href="">1986-87 Fleer #57 Michael Jordan RC</a>

When you've replied that you're interested AND listed your cards (along with your total DECLARED, not Beckett, value), your name will be placed in however many seats you're requesting in red. Red means you have yet to pay. After you see your name in the list in red, PM me and I'll give you my PayPal account information and you can give me the money that way. (If this gets approved, I'll be registering for a PayPal Debit card to make the submissions. This would be for everyone's safety). Once you've paid, your name will then be orange.

Seating will be open until 11:59:59 PM (23:59:59) of the 5th. If less than 10 seats are purchased, all money will be given back and I'll update the thread that this month has been cancelled. However, if 10 or more seats are taken and paid for, then the cards need to be shipped to me ASAP WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION!!!. Once I receive your Delivery Confirmation, your name will be green. Once your cards are received, your name will be blue.

There is no need to fill out or send a BGS Submission form. I'll have to combine all cards onto the same form for the group order. Also, if you give me permission to, I'd like to scan the cards for Beckett to put on the site. I'll send you the scans so you can get the credit for them, unless you tell me otherwise. However, this is completely voluntary as I know some people don't want to chance their cards getting lower grades.

Once all payments are received, all cards are received and I've made the submission, I'll update the thread. Once I get word in my account what the grades are, I'll share them with you in the thread.

When the cards are shipped back to me, I'll bubble wrap them and put them into USPS priority mail box along with Delivery Confirmation. However, this will be included in the amount you would put in my paypal account. I'll have to get the prices for the proper boxes depending on how many cards/seats are requested.

If you request a seat, pay, but do not send your cards or do not send them in a timely manner, you'll be suspended from the Group Submissions for two months. If there were only 10 seats and you not sending your cards takes it down to 9, you will be suspended for 6 months from the Group Submissions. Two of these offenses and you'll permanently be banned from the Group Submissions. To go along with this, I'm thinking that anyone in Canada wishing to participate in this will have to ship one month early. This is simply because of how long it takes for some packages to get from Canada to me (up to 4 weeks). Also, because there is no delivery confirmation from Canada to the US, I would request that you send the cards via UPS/Fedex. I will also look to see how much it will cost to send back the same way. TRACKING NUMBERS ARE IMPERATIVE!!!!!!!! I'm also trying to find out if it will be $1 or $2 for autographs.

Normally, for a user sending 10 cards with no deals or discounts for the 20 day service it would be $11 a card, $14 for ground shipping, and then $8 for insurance if the value is less than $1000. So you'd be looking at $132. At 100 cards, we get 20 day service for $9 a card and free shipping (not sure if it's ground or next day). That comes out to $98 if the total declared value is less than $1000. However, I'm thinking that 10 cards would fit in the medium flat rate box which is I think $7.95. So adding that onto the $98 it'd be $105.95. I'll also add $1 for shipping to BGS. So that would be $25.05 cheaper. Not a lot, but still cheaper. Also, these prices don't include autographs. For each autograph you want graded, it will cost a little more (still waiting on details).

This is something that I think could help some people and may grow over time. Also, I'm hoping that the person at BGS I'm talking to will be able to get that $9 lower since I plan on doing this every month and it'll be 100 cards or more. I know I had wanted to, for myself, use the 45 day service at 200 cards because that is $5 a card and $1 per autograph. I'm hoping that if we can do 100+ cards at 20 day service, he can get it down to maybe $7 a card, so that makes it $20 cheaper ($45.05 cheaper than doing it alone). I'm hoping that he can give me a good deal.

Please reply to this email if you think this is a good idea and that you might like to participate. If you want to participate in this, you will not be made to participate every month. You can do it whenever you want. However, it'd be nice to have regulars to make sure we stay above 10 seats. Also, if you have any experience of sending 100 or more cards at 20 day or better service, could you please let me know what type of free shipping it is? Thanks.

Also, this is not the same as group box/case breaks. While it is still a gamble because it would be sending to a third party (me), it's not the same as buying a box/case of cards and risk pulling nothing. Also, there is no profit gained here while in most box/case breaks there is a profit to be had. I'm also confirming this with Bill that this is not like group box/case breaks.
Ok, so here's what I've found out from the guy at BGS.

If we were to consistently send in 100+ cards a month, we can get them at $7 a card and $1 for each AU. That is 45 day pricing, but for 20 day service. The only condition is that it would have to be consistent. Another thing I'm thinking about doing is taking away the 10 cards per collector and making it just $7 per card. Also, I'm thinking it'd be better to put up the "seating" chart a month in advance so I can make sure we have 100 cards or more each time. I heard from someone that 8 BGS cards fit in the small flat rate box and that is $4.95 a box. I'm going to have to rewrite the plan and repost it on the top for everyone to look at, but I wanted to update everyone on what I've found so I can see what kind of turnout it will get. Remember, we have to fill at least 100 cards, so it doesn't matter on how many members.

Also, would everyone be ok with doing Money Orders? Sending them along with the cards because after talking to another member who's done bulk submissions on here, they said it was easier than dealing with PayPal. I'll let everyone know when I've updated the top post, might be later tonight. Thanks.
I would be interested... but any chance that we can mix in cards for a re-grade? I have a few BCCG 10s that I would like to get transferred over to BGS. I think right now I have 3 regrades I'd like to get done, and I'm sure I dig up 7 other singles to include in my package.

This is awesome! I hope it goes through.
(06-16-2011 11:59 AM)usafshelland Wrote: [ -> ]I would be interested... but any chance that we can mix in cards for a re-grade? I have a few BCCG 10s that I would like to get transferred over to BGS. I think right now I have 3 regrades I'd like to get done, and I'm sure I dig up 7 other singles to include in my package.

This is awesome! I hope it goes through.

I'll have to talk to BGS about fees for regrading and if those qualify in these submissions. I don't know why they wouldn't, but hopefully they would.
Here's an example of what I think the chart would look like that I would use to keep track of who wants to submit what. Also, it's not limited to 100, I can add onto it, I just only put it at 100 because that's what it will start at. Also, where I have "X/XX" I don't have my cards in front of me right now so I don't know what they're numbered to, but I would put the actual serial number. Also, on that mention, people cannot submit the same card unless it is serial numbered. First come, first serve. Thanks.

# Member Card S/N AU Total Cost (USD)
1 XstreamINsanity 1971-72 Topps #63 Bob Lanier RC $91.00 (cards)
$4.00 (autographs)
$7.95 (return shipping)
$X.XX (insurance)

$102.95 (Total)
2 1983-84 Star #94 Isiah Thomas XRC
3 1986-87 Fleer #27 Joe Dumars RC
4 1994-95 Finest #240 Grant Hill RC
5 1995-96 SkyBox Premium #NNO G.Hill Melt. Exch
6 1995-96 SP Holoviews Die Cuts #PC10 Grant Hill
7 1997-98 SkyBox Premium Autographics #34 Joe Dumars
8 2003-04 Upper Deck Legends Legendary Signatures #CD Chuck Daly
9 2007-08 SP Authentic Recruiting Class Team Name #RCAA Arron Afflalo X/25
10 2006-07 Topps Luxury Box Relics Six Blue #12 Deron Williams/Chris Webber/Magic Johnson/Michael Redd/Devin Harris/Jalen Rose X/49
11 2007-08 Bowman Elevation Rookie Writings Relics Blue #RWRS Rodney Stuckey X/19
12 2008-09 Topps T51 Murad Silk #169 Isiah Thomas X/25
13 2009-10 Certified Mirror Black #115 Rodney Stuckey 1/1
14 $0.00
15 $0.00
16 $0.00
17 $0.00
18 $0.00
19 $0.00
20 $0.00
21 $0.00
22 $0.00
23 $0.00
24 $0.00
25 $0.00
26 $0.00
27 $0.00
28 $0.00
29 $0.00
30 $0.00
31 $0.00
32 $0.00
33 $0.00
34 $0.00
35 $0.00
36 $0.00
37 $0.00
38 $0.00
39 $0.00
40 $0.00
41 $0.00
42 $0.00
43 $0.00
44 $0.00
45 $0.00
46 $0.00
47 $0.00
48 $0.00
49 $0.00
50 $0.00
51 $0.00
52 $0.00
53 $0.00
54 $0.00
55 $0.00
56 $0.00
57 $0.00
58 $0.00
59 $0.00
60 $0.00
61 $0.00
62 $0.00
63 $0.00
64 $0.00
65 $0.00
66 $0.00
67 $0.00
68 $0.00
69 $0.00
70 $0.00
71 $0.00
72 $0.00
73 $0.00
74 $0.00
75 $0.00
76 $0.00
77 $0.00
78 $0.00
79 $0.00
80 $0.00
81 $0.00
82 $0.00
83 $0.00
84 $0.00
85 $0.00
86 $0.00
87 $0.00
88 $0.00
89 $0.00
90 $0.00
91 $0.00
92 $0.00
93 $0.00
94 $0.00
95 $0.00
96 $0.00
97 $0.00
98 $0.00
99 $0.00
100 $0.00
Ok, so I found out return shipping from Beckett will not be free because it's a discounted order. He said it's cheaper to get the discounted order than getting the free shipping at full price a card. (and it is like $160+ cheaper). It's $32 for ground fees, $70 for 2 day return shipping, and $100 for next day air. So, the question is, would you rather add $0.32 per card, $0.70 per card, or $1.00 per card (which shipping method do you want)? We all would have to come to an agreement on this because the whole lot ships at the same time. Me, personally, do not care if it's ground. Taking my example from above of 13 cards, here is what I'm thinking:

Price for cards (13) = $91.00

Price for Autographs (4) = $4.00

Insurance to Beckett (Declared value of $400) = $3.20

Return shipping from Beckett = ($4.16 Ground, $9.10 2 Day, $13.00 Next Day)

Return shipping from me = $7.95

Delivery Confirmation (optional) = $0.80

Insurance from me (optional) = $5.00 (guessing, never had anything insured)

Ground Total (w/ Insurance and Delivery Confirmation) = $116.11
Ground Total (w/ Delivery Confirmation) = $111.11
Ground Total (w/ Insurance) = $115.31
2 Day Total (w/ Insurance and Delivery Confirmation) = $121.05
2 Day Total (w/ Delivery Confirmation) = $116.05
2 Day Total (w/ Insurance) = $120.25
Next Day Total (w/ Insurance and Delivery Confirmation) = $124.95
Next Day Total (w/ Delivery Confirmation) = $119.95
Next Day Total (w/ Insurance) = $124.15

If I were to send 13 cards by myself, it would be:

$11 a card = $143
Autographs = $4
Insurance to Beckett = $8
Return Shipping from Beckett = $14, $26, $46
Total = $169.00 (Ground), $181.00 (2 Day), $201.00 (Next Day)

So here's what you'd save:

Worst case with Ground: $116.11/$169.00 = 31.3% off
Worst case with 2 Day: $121.05/$181.00 = 33.1% off
Worst case with Next Day: $124.95/$201.00 = 37.84% off

Also, if you're wondering how I did the insurance, I did the following:

My declared value is $400. It's $8 for every $1000 declared value. $400/$1000 = .4. .4 * $8 = $3.20. When you declare your values, I'd like you to round to the nearest $100. That's $0.80 insurance (to Beckett) for each $100. And don't do it per card, do it on the lot. So if you have 10 cards, I don't want you to think each one (if you value each one under $100) is $0.80. If your total declared value of the cards is $300, then you'd pay $2.40 in insurance (to Beckett). I'll have to determine insurance rates from USPS so I can calculate return insurance (from me to you). So, since your value may be cheaper, you may save more. I may have to chip in some money for insurance (to Beckett) because we won't hit the thousands on the head, but it shouldn't be much. It'll be worth it. Also, that $7.95 is because of there being 13 cards (not sure if it will fit or not, have to check), but if you have 5-8 cards it'll be $4.95 and if you have fewer than that, I'm not sure what to do. Would you be ok with a bubble mailer? Thanks everyone for reading all of this. Sorry if this is getting confusing. I'll unconfuse it this weekend.

Hey Xstream,

Your banner is really SICK!!!
Thanks, had someone in the baseball board make it for me for me helping them when the site came out. I don't ever see a reason for changing it. Smile
I have bought cars over less paperwork than this thread.

PM Sent
(06-17-2011 05:06 PM)alifaxwa2 Wrote: [ -> ]I have bought cars over less paperwork than this thread.

PM Sent

Yeah, what was it, a five finger discount?? haha
Any word on regrading cards?
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