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Busting a 59 Topps cello, GAI graded.
First four...
Top card- Ralph Terry
2.Bob Giallombardo
3.Earl Averill
4. Jim Gilliam
Next four....
5. Norm Zauchin
6. Don Demeter
7. Tom Qualters
8. Roy Sievers

9. Luis Aparicio
10. Billy Klaus
11. Curt Raydon
12. Ralph Lumenti

That's all folks! 59 Unopened just went up in price a couple dollars! Smile Pictures forthcoming...
[Image: downsize2.jpg]
i would be freaking out opening one of those haha
Wow, how cool is that?! Off to BGS/PSA now I presume?
Yes, they are all going to PSA. Golden rule for me, vintage to PSA and modern autos to BGS.
One HOFer (Aparicio) and three 1959 WS winners (Gilliam [also a Negro League great], Giallombardo, and Demeter) in great condition. I'd say that's a good break!
Too bad not going to SGC
how long did you sit on that pack before deciding to open it if you don't mind my asking?

I debate on how long i could resist temptation if i stumbled upon something like that.... I don't think it'd last long ;( I'd have to sell it unopened to resist
I waited a few months but there was no doubt it was going to be opened. I just wanted to get the break on video so I held out until I was able to buy one(a video camera). I was happy with the centering on all of them with the Aparicio being the most off center. Unfortunately, that's one of the big money cards in a graded set.It would have been nice if it was like the Klaus next to it. I buy unopened to break it for the most part. There are few exceptions.
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