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I thought it would be fun to try to do this again. It never seems to last long but hopefully we can make it further than last time.
So heres the deal. Lets see how long we can keep Frank & Roger going between the beckett traders before they disappear, for whatever reason.
The cards surface is peeling up and wouldnt be worth much to anyone so theft shouldnt be a factor, LOL.
Two things:
1) You have to send it to someone who you KNOW will keep it going. Maybe send a little note just in case they havent seen the post...
2) If possible, try to take a pic of the card somewhere cool or maybe you/your kids holding it. Or anything else you guys/gals can come up with. I was going to take a pic outside the Horseshoe in Columbus but my camera took a crap, LOL
[Image: scan0002.jpg]
[Image: scan0003.jpg]
Delaware, OH - Florence, SC - Piketon, OH - Tacoma, WA - Atlanta, GA - Crossett, AR - Manchester, England - South Bend, IN - Anchorage, AK - Browns Summitt, NC - Los Banos, CA - Seaside, OR - Duluth, GA - Boulder, CO - Wahiawa, HI - Yuma, AZ - Appleton, WI - Houston, TX - Bradford, Ontario - Brunswick, ME - Staten Island, NY - Walnut Creek, CA - Bakersfield, CA - Fountain Hills, AZ - Wexford, PA - Wichita Falls, TX - Broken Arrow, OK - Pleasant Prairie, WI - Halls, TN - Providence, RI - Le Mars, IA - Poughkeepsie, NY - Temple, Tx - ?
Cant wait to see where they go!
I will keep it updated with each stop as they are posted
Approximate total miles traveled ~ 56,958 as of Temple TX stop.
you can send it to me
That's a neat idea!
you can count me in Smile
greg271126817 Wrote:you can send it to me

Dude I totally forgot to call still in town?
Ive got it going out tomorrow to another member.

oh man thats a sweet card even if it is dinged up lol
On the way to its first stop....
count me in
Looking forward to watching its progress.
Count me IN
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